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When Anime Characters Made It into the Card Game

By TheSorcerer (2022-04-27)

Characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime are a fundamental part of the franchise. We know that any card we see them use in the show will eventually make an appearance in the actual game. However, sometimes the characters themselves show up in cards' artworks. This article is about these cards.


Five Yu-Gi-Oh! Things to Do During the Pandemic

By TheLastPharaoh (2022-01-13)

The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and also affected our beloved game. After high hopes that regular real-life dueling was going to return with a bang, Konami unfortunately had to cancel two major events. It seems like winter is remote duel time again. Is there any positive takeaway?


The Eternal Format: A Very Playable Year

By Lepprince (2022-01-06)

There have been many formats players like to go back to or reminisce over how good and fun they were. Goat, Edison, HAT, and many more from the game's history. One of the latest additions to this list is the entirety of 2019: what's commonly called the Eternal format. But was it really as good as we remember?


Konami Made Five New Formats?

By Lepprince (2022-01-04)

Throughout the game's history, we've had extremely few options for alternative formats. There was that weird time when YCS top cuts were Battle Pack Draft and we also kind of had Traditional, but no one really played either. However, Konami has decided to create five new formats to spice up your locals!


Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for Yu-Gi-Oh! Players

By RyanA (2021-12-07)

There are a lot of items that Yu-Gi-Oh! players would love to find in their Christmas stockings. In facts, there are so many products related to our favorite game that for some people, including outsiders, things can get a bit overwhelming. This article is highlighting a bunch of possible gifts.