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Natural Balance Versus the Ban List

By Lepprince (2021-09-08)

Unlike many of the big trading card games, Yu-Gi-Oh! does not feature a set rotation system. That's why, throughout history, it has had to find other ways to balance the game. One option is to remove cards from the game via bannings. However, there are other, more elegant ways too.


Why Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon Should Be Banned

By RobinS (2021-08-05)

Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon made its long-awaited and -feared TCG debut in the 2020 Mega Tins. However, it did not immediately dominate the metagame as so many had anticipated. For quite some time, Dragoon did not see any play in meta decks. This article discusses why the card should nevertheless be banned.


Is Konami Promoting Deck Diversity?

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-07-07)

Formats come and go, and so do the decks on top of the food chain. Some manage to pop back into the competitive scene, while others find themselves unplayable or unable to keep up after once being the deck to beat. Such is the cycle of life. But something strange has happened recently and we want to find out why.


New Ban List Shakes the Meta!

By Sunavalon (2021-06-29)

Let's be honest here, few expected the update to the Forbidden & Limited List to drop this soon, but hey, we all love early presents, right? Especially wild ones that are supposed to have a certain impact on today' s meta. Let's look at the hottest changes and discuss details and implications.


Why Is Lavalval Chain Banned?

By RobinS (2021-05-04)

Lavalval Chain is one of the most powerful versions of Foolish Burial ever printed, and it was banned for good reason. It was used in a variety of decks and to great effect, and many decks today would love to have it. That said, it's worth looking at whether the card would command the same fear today.