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Yu-Gi-Oh! History: Duelist Alliance

By RyanA (2021-09-21)

Some sets have a bigger impact on the game than others. Duelist Alliance, released in August 2014, went down in history as one of the few big sets that heavily shook up the format. Not only was this the first set of the pendulum era, it more importantly introduced several new meta contenders.

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Natural Balance Versus the Ban List

By Lepprince (2021-09-08)

Unlike many of the big trading card games, Yu-Gi-Oh! does not feature a set rotation system. That's why, throughout history, it has had to find other ways to balance the game. One option is to remove cards from the game via bannings. However, there are other, more elegant ways too.


Goat Format: Not So Goaty Anymore

By Lepprince (2021-08-12)

Some love it, some hate it, but we all know it: Goat Format—the most popular alternate format in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!—still sees widespread play to this day. However, contrary to popular belief, this niche corner of the game has seen a lot of evolution these past few years. Let's take a look at how and why it changed.


Errata Case Study: Necrovalley

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-08-11)

Necrovalley is one of the most famous field cards in the game, but what does it actually do? There is a good chance you're not quite sure, and no one can blame you. Let's take a walk through the valley of the shadow of death and explore the different errata the poor card had to endure!


Staples and Power Creep: From MST to Lightning Storm

By Lepprince (2021-08-04)

Ever since the game's inception, there have been cards the community has taken to calling "staples." Why this name? Well, because they hold the deck together. They're generic powerful cards that fit into basically any deck and are played in most formats. Let's take a look at these cards and how they have evolved!