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Dario Çelmeta


"Hello readers, my name is Dario Çelmeta, also known as KoGames. I have been a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! for as long as I can remember. I enjoy playing the game casually and competitively. My favorite decks are Dinos and Sky Strikers, while my two favorite cards are the iconic Red-Eyes B. Dragon and the one and only Stardust Dragon. I have topped my homeland regional in Albania as well as the 2019 Bulgarian nationals and one day I hope I can win a YCS event."

All Articles by Dario Çelmeta

Endless Knights: Various Ways to Play PK

By KoGames (2021-12-16)

Phantom Knights decks come in a variety of shapes and forms. The way to play Phantom Knights is totally up to the duelist who is piloting the deck. This article describes the different takes on the strategy and what implications each version has for gameplay as well as deck design.


Another Megatin, Another Meta-Defining Card

By KoGames (2021-10-05)

Whenever the megatins come around, they always come in style. They include reprints of crazy, expensive, strong cards, feature rarity bumps or downgrades, or introduce new cards to the game. Let's discuss the three meta-defining cards printed in the megatins these past three years!


High Ceiling Strategies: Shooting for the Stars

By KoGames (2021-09-01)

You can divide decks by the floor and the ceiling of their power level. The more consistent typically operate at a decent floor but don't try to shatter any glass ceilings. High-ceiling strategies on the other hand need certain types of conditions to be met in order to take off. If they do, they're all but unstoppable.


Pros and Cons of Playing the Phantom Knights

By KoGames (2021-07-20)

The Phantom Knights archetype has been a fan favorite ever since its release. And what's not to like here? With beautiful artwork, consistent strategy, and a connection to one of the protagonists, the archetype checks all possible boxes. Let's look at the pros and cons of playing the deck!


Underrated Decks in the Current Format

By KoGames (2021-06-22)

In a format dominated by powerful decks like Tri-Brigade Zoo, Eldlich (in all of its forms), Prank-Kids, Invoked Dogmatika, and Dragon Link, some perfectly reasonable decks fly under the radar. Not only can they put up a decent fight. In some instances they prove even better than the current meta topdogs.