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Ryan Atlus

  • Name: Ryan Atlus
  • Preferred formats: Critter, Synchrocentric


"Hello, readers! My name's Ryan, and I was a casual player for a long time before becoming more competitive in 2016. I've taken several regional tops and my most iconic achievement is becoming the LLDS Champion in 2018. I'm a big fan of the game's history and past formats, which are often a lot of fun to play!"

All Articles by Ryan Atlus

Dark Magician After Battle of Chaos

By RyanA (2022-02-17)

Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon are the two most iconic monsters in the game due to their appearance in the original anime. While neither of them have been among the best decks in the metagame save for a brief stroke of relevance in 2016, they are still crowd favorites.


The History of Fairy Decks

By RyanA (2022-01-25)

When you think about iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! types, most people's minds will wander in the direction of spellcasting mages, fierce dragons, or sinister fiends. However, our game has more to offer than that. Today, we look at some of the more iconic fairy cards and decks we've seen throughout the years.


Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for Yu-Gi-Oh! Players

By RyanA (2021-12-07)

There are a lot of items that Yu-Gi-Oh! players would love to find in their Christmas stockings. In facts, there are so many products related to our favorite game that for some people, including outsiders, things can get a bit overwhelming. This article is highlighting a bunch of possible gifts.


Speed Duel Skill Updates!

By RyanA (2021-11-18)

Skill cards are among the things that separate Speed Duels from regular Advanced Constructed. Most of Speed Duel's specifics subtract aspects from the classic game mode, minimizing the card pool and simplifying the rules. Skill cards, however, add a unique element—and now they've changed!


Yu-Gi-Oh! History: Final Countdown

By RyanA (2021-11-10)

The premise of a Final Countdown deck is simple, somewhat elegant, and mostly infuriating to play against. "Patience is a virtue" is taken to another level with this strategy and today we'll take a look at the few moments when this deck made waves throughout the game's history.