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Ryan Atlus

  • Name: Ryan Atlus
  • Preferred formats: Critter, Synchrocentric


"Hello, readers! My name's Ryan, and I was a casual player for a long time before becoming more competitive in 2016. I've taken several regional tops and my most iconic achievement is becoming the LLDS Champion in 2018. I'm a big fan of the game's history and past formats, which are often a lot of fun to play!"

All Articles by Ryan Atlus

Remote Duel Invitational: Lithium's Monarch Deck

By RyanA (2020-10-15)

The current format is filled with a bunch of strong decks, but sometimes playing something completely off the wall might give you the edge over your opponent. This is what Lithium did at the Remote Duel Invitational, bringing Domain Monarchs. He was definitely an underdog, but he made it all the way to the finals!


Yu-Gi-Oh! History: The Decks That Dominated 2012

By RyanA (2020-10-08)

Sometimes, all you need to hear is a year to be reminded of a certain Yu-Gi-Oh! format. 2019 is "the eternal format," 2005 is Goats, 2014 is either HAT format or DUEA format, depending on who you ask. But what does the 2012 format look like? Let's take a trip down memory lane.


Battle Pack: Epic Dawn – A Retrospective

By RyanA (2020-09-22)

When asked what my favorite core set is, I would be inclined to go for Metal Raiders. However, my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! product of all time would be Battle Pack: Epic Dawn. Released almost a decade ago, nothing about this pack was anything we had ever seen before in this game's history up to that point.


Ryan Goes Rogue: Dark Magician

By RyanA (2020-09-10)

Throughout the years, Dark Magician has seen plenty of support cards. Some of them were amazing cards that changed how the deck was played. Seeing as we just got one of those in the form of Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, it seems like a good time to look into building a Dark Magician deck.


Yu-Gi-Oh! History: Perfect Circle

By RyanA (2020-08-13)

I usually like to think of the history of the game by looking at big innovations. One particular format-warping release was Dark Armed Dragon in January 2008. It's easy to make the mistake that the game was boring and slow before that, but hopefully I can change that prejudice today.

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