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Sam Šulovský

  • Name: Sam Šulovský


"I've always loved card games. For their collectability, the rush of opening booster packs, and ultimately the strongest factor — the creativity and ability to express myself in deckbuilding. My forays into card games started with Magic, but along the way I have spent a lot of time playing the WoW TCG as well as, extensively, Yu-Gi-Oh! Each game is unique and fun to play in different ways, and I'm always excited to sit down and play some games with friends, or even take part in more competitive tournaments.

"At the moment I play Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! In Magic I mostly play Legacy, where my main decks are Dredge and a Punishing Maverick pile. My favorite deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! has to be my Paleozoic Frog deck and I can't wait for the day I get to see all my Toads ribbiting next to each other on the board again.

"As an avid collector, I try to find a home for every card I get, and hopefully one day I will. I love to brew janky concoctions, often using build-arounds, and always bring interesting decks to the table. I always have multiple deckboxes with me and am ready to help new players discover the unique, wacky, complex games that I have grown to love so much."

All Articles by Sam Šulovský

Drawing Two Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! – A Look Back

By SamS (2020-08-25)

Drawing two cards is one of the most powerful effects in Yu-Gi-Oh! and over the years we've come a long way and have seen many variations on the theme, from Pot of Greed to Pot of Desires. In this article, we'll look at how drawing two has shaped the metagame of Yu-Gi-Oh! over the years.


Is Sky Striker the New Burning Abyss?

By SamS (2020-08-19)

Sky Striker entered the game with a bang back in 2018 and has been present in the metagame ever since. Can Raye and company withstand the test of time and cement their place as a strategy that stays in the environment almost eternally, much like Burning Abyss? Time to draw some comparisons …


What's Stronger, Pot of Greed or Ancestral Recall?

By SamS (2020-07-23)

Inspired by a tweet from a former pro player and current designer at Wizards of the Coast, this article attempts to compare cards from two vastly different game systems. A thought exercise just as much as an exercise in hilarity, you may learn a thing or two about Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! along the way.


Phantasm Spiral: The Menace That Won't Go Away

By SamS (2020-06-11)

Phantasm Spiral is an archetype that never seems to leave the scene. No matter how hard you hit it, it somehow always bounces back. The last time I played the deck, I had multiple copies of Terraforming and Card of Demise on my side, but today we'll look at a recent top list that shows it can well work without them.