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Marijn van Duivenboden

  • Name: Marijn "Tatsym" van Duivenboden


An actual Subterror Guru, regularly posting videos on my YouTube channel.

All Articles by Marijn van Duivenboden

Menace from the Past: Is It Time to Unban Yata Garasu?

By Tatsym (2021-01-21)

It's been 18 years since Yata Garasu and Chaos Emperor Dragon's devastation was curbed by a swift banning. Many thought the day would never come when we would talk about unbanning cards that caused so much havoc on the Yu-Gi-Oh meta! But that's exactly what we're here to do.


The 2020 Ban List Update: Aftermath

By Tatsym (2021-01-07)

On December 15 Konami released the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden & Limited list. After a stale format featuring synchro combos and hand loops, change was needed and the ban list provided change aplenty. Hitting all the top decks and multiple key cards means some strategies just couldn't recover.

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Return of the Staples

By Tatsym (2020-11-25)

Yu-Gi-Oh! always has been dominated by strong generic cards. These so-called staples see broad application across all kinds of decks and strategies. Each format has their own, and each new release brings new staples. But nowadays it seems like 50% of any deck are good generic cards.

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Looking Back at Seven Years of Yu-Gi-Oh!

By Tatsym (2020-11-12)

We all played make-believe Yu-Gi-Oh! back in the day. We saw the show on the television and all copied what they did. We all wanted to be Yami Yugi and summon Dark Magician. Eventually, we picked up the game for real. For this article I want to look back on my seven years of play.


Back from the Dead: A History of Shaddolls

By Tatsym (2020-10-13)

Almost six years agon, Duelist Alliance released. This set introduced three metagame-defining archetypes that would change the Yu-Gi-Oh! landscape forever: Qliphort, Burning Abyss, and most importantly Shaddoll. In such a fast-paced and ever-evolving game, who expected a deck from 2014 still to be relevant in 2020?