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Sherif Lewis

  • Name: Sherif "The Last Pharaoh" Lewis


As a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! for more than fifteen years, Sherif has been following the game closely and has been writing articles on and off for the past five years. He topped the only regional held in his second homeland, Albania, in 2019. He hopes that one day his other homeland, the land of the Pharaohs, will have official events.

All Articles by Sherif Lewis

Innovation Corner: Invoked Dino

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-04-08)

Welcome to Innovation Corner! In this series, we are going to explore interesting decks or combos that are fairly obscure or don't see mainstream play. The goal here is to give food for thought and break the mold. First, can the Invoked and Dinosaur themes work together in the same deck?


Remote Duels: Good or Bad?

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-03-30)

The pandemic arrived and changed how we live our lives. We had to adapt to new realities and change the way we did a lot of things. Yu-Gi-Oh! events were put on hold because of the risks associated with gathering. But then Konami came up with their answer to revitalize play: remote duels!


Dragon Link's New Best Friends

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-03-24)

March's Forbidden List paved the way for Dragon Link's return—not just by nerfing the competition but also through an unbanning with unexpected consequences. After finding a new friend, the infamous Buster Lock is back, and Dragon Link has once again taken its rightful place as one of the decks to beat.


Staples Versus Your Wallet

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-03-17)

I have been playing a lot of remote locals recently and noticed a reoccurring pattern. Players try to build their decks well and are willing to pay to kit their deck out with key cards, but they skimp on the staples. I'm just as guilty of doing this as anyone, and today I want to look at why.


March 2021 Forbidden and Limited List Analysis

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-03-15)

It is time for a new format —or at least a modified format—after Konami updated the Forbidden and Limited List last week. Let's look at the cards that have been affected and talk about the implications of the hits as well as the potential implications of the cards that have been set free.