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Tom Viergutz

  • Name: Tom Viergutz


"Hello community, my name is Tom Viergutz from Germany, member of team Complexity Card Gaming. Competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! has been a part of my life since 2015. Throughout the years I improved a lot and learned many things about the community. I've always been interested in the theory of the game and I enjoy to talk about card choices. Now it's my turn to share with you some of my and CCG's thoughts and insight."

All Articles by Tom Viergutz

Practicing to Get Better at Yu-Gi-Oh!

By TomVie (2020-08-27)

A popular question to ask top Yu-Gi-Oh! players is how to improve at the game: and an answer that pops up almost invariably is to practice. While of course it is a good rule of thumb that practicing will improve your skill at almost anything you do, it is worth knowing its limitations also.


Should You Run Three Pot of Desires?

By TomVie (2020-06-25)

There are different opinions on whether it is correct to run two or three copies of Pot of Desires in one's deck. The classic argument for running three is that "it is a very powerful card and I want to draw it as reliably as possible," and the classic argument for two is that "I never want to draw two copies."