Play YuGiOh in Sunny Spain!

Play YuGiOh in Sunny Spain!

2020-02-26 09:52:02

Opportunities to win a trophy are rare, but the next one is coming soon!

Cardmarket Series: Seville will be going down from March 27th through 29th, so get ready to battle for great prizes.
As always we have a lot of money, as well as premium accessories from our sponsors on the line!

Find out more about the Welcome Package that you will receive for free, the premium package that's available only at the tournament, or make use of our early-registration discount (if you want to save the 5€).

By winning matches, you will also earn points to become one of the members of the best players on our 2020 leaderboard.
Read more on how you can earn up to 150€ per tournament you attend.

We'll crown our champions in Spain,
your Cardmarket team