Cardmarket News: COVID-19 Updates

01.04.2020 18:54

Cardmarket News: COVID-19 Updates

Shipping Confirmation Time Changes

We’re making some changes to shipment confirmations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve noticed that many untracked shipments that are marked “lost” after 14 days still arrive. Because of these heavy delays, we’ve instituted the following two changes:

  1. Users will only be able to mark an order as lost 30 days after shipping.
  2. Automatic confirmation will only occur 40 days after shipping.

How to Choose What Countries You Deliver To

In these uncertain times, it’s important for sellers to exercise caution when deciding where they can and cannot ship. Many countries have significant restrictions on out-of-country mail and many countries have similar restrictions on mail coming into their country. As such, we wanted to remind users of one of Cardmarket’s functions that allow you to manage the locations you sell to: the “Countries You Deliver To” page.

The page in question can be accessed from the settings section of your Account page, or you can just click here (if you’re logged in). From here, you can choose which countries you ship to simply by setting the listed countries to “yes” or “no”. We strongly advise that all sellers check with their postal service to learn where they can or cannot deliver to during COVID-19 as this information is essential in ensuring there are no issues with their orders.

Lockdown in France

France has instituted an intense lockdown on 29.10.2020. It will last until December 1st but may continue for longer depending on the government's reassessment in November. Residents in France are unable to leave their homes without a specific document and a valid reason. As such, for Cardmarket users, orders to and from France will face significant delays. We ask both buyers and sellers to be patient with orders in France and we will update this post with any information when we receive it.

Lockdown in Greece

The PM of Greece has announced a lockdown in Greece on 05.11.2020. Residents will need a reason and document to leave their homes, so we expect that orders to and from Greece will face significant delays. We ask both buyers and sellers to be patient with orders in Greece and we will update this post with further information when we receive it.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support, and stay safe!

Your Cardmarket Team