Insight Comes to Yu-Gi-Oh!

Insight Comes to Yu-Gi-Oh!

2020-06-05 11:48:07

Hello to our Yu-Gi-Oh! Community!

We have, for several years now, been producing a Magic blog named Cardmarket Insight, which covers a wide variety of topics important to the Magic community. But Cardmarket isn't a marketplace for just one game. To that end, we have decided to expand Cardmarket Insight to Yu-Gi-Oh!

The new Yu-Gi-Oh! Insight blog (which will be separate from Magic Insight) will release 2-3 articles per week and will cover important topics in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Community from analysis of constructed formats and tournaments to important financial developments in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Marketplace and everything in between. You can find Yu-Gi-Oh Insight in the apps tab of the Yu-Gi-Oh! landing page or by going to this link.

We hope you enjoy the blog (which already has three articles online today) and look forward to expanding it to include a whole lot more as time goes on!

Your Cardmarket Team