Temporary Suspension of Price Guide Updates on Cardmarket

15.01.2021 12:31

Temporary Suspension of Price Guide Updates on Cardmarket

Cardmarket has undergone significant improvement and growth over the last several years. While this is certainly a wonderful thing for the website and the community, it has been taxing on our servers. We have spent much of the last half-year isolating and addressing several performance issues and have decided to take another step toward improving and fixing website performance this weekend.

From Monday, 18.01.2021 until Thursday, 21.01.2021, Cardmarket will stop automatically updating and generating all non-static price information on Cardmarket. This does not affect article prices. This does, however, affect a lot of other data on the website, like the Cardmarket data tables, the data on average, low, and high prices, and all price graphs. None of these and other aspects of our automatic price guides will update between Monday and Thursday. Because of this, if you use the statistical tools on the website for setting prices between Monday and Thursday, it will take Monday's prices into account, as this was the last time they were updated.

We know that this will influence the various businesses and individuals who rely on this data and we ask for user patience while we address the larger issue of website performance moving forward on Cardmarket. Cardmarket's rapid expansion over the last few years has exposed some of the cobwebs on the website, but we're confident that with some proper cleaning, we can create a better functioning marketplace for all our users, new and old.

Thank you for your patience and happy shopping,

Your Cardmarket Team