The Cardmarket Public Beta Environment is Here

Development Update
10.06.2020 00:00

The Cardmarket Public Beta Environment is Here

We at Cardmarket value our users' opinions and want to more actively involve our user base with our development process. To this end, we are happy to announce that the Cardmarket Public Beta Environment is available today.

The Cardmarket Public Beta Environment is a place where users can get involved in exploring and testing new or updated features on Cardmarket before they are officially released. You'll also be a more direct part of Cardmarket development, by giving us feedback or performing specific predetermined tests for us.

Exceptional feedback might earn you some extra Cardmarket credit while you're at it. We also plan on closely monitoring participants, replacing users who aren't providing feedback with active users who can better contribute to the development of these features.

Users that have been active on Cardmarket for more than 60 days and have ten or more sales and 10 or more purchases can apply to be part of the Public Beta Environment. They should do so by navigating to account settings and finding the new option "Beta Test."

The option to sign up will be closed on the 26th of June, after which we will be selecting a broad range of users to be part of our Public Beta Environment.

We look forward to working with you and making Cardmarket into an even better marketplace,

Your Cardmarket Team.