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The Cardmarket Series is a Europe's largest Cardgame tournament series organized by Cardmarket – Europe's largest online marketplace for trading card games!

At every event of the Cardmarket Series, we are offering exciting tournaments in all your favourite formats. During the 2019 season we are giving away 7.500 € in Cardmarket Coupons for top competitors spread over all formats. Other prizes include exclusive playmats and other cool items!

750+ Players
1800+ Players
2000+ Players
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Become a Vendor

At each stop of the Cardmarket Series, we have several places where event vendors can buy and sell cards and accessories.

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Past Events (Coverage Archive)


Cardmarket Series 2019: Frankfurt

Frankfurt has concluded and the champions have been crowned. Check out which deck won here!


Cardmarket Series 2019: Ghent

Watch the games unfold in Ghent!


Cardmarket Series 2019: Bologna

The first event of 2019 has concluded and our first champions have been crowned! Find out everything you need to know about Bologna!


Ultimate Guard
Ultra Pro
Dragon Shield
Custom Playmat