#CMAskTheJudge Episode 104: Commander Verazol

Here's Episode 104 of Cardmarket's AskTheJudge series. Each episode includes a video that poses a question regarding the rules of Magic. Watch the video, comment with your answer, and then check your work below. This week's question is about your favorite new commander: Verazol.

Welcome to #CMAskTheJudge! This time our judge wants to know how Verazol, the Split Current's first ability interacts with commander tax. Comment on our video (or below) with your answer and then check whether you got it right or wrong!

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Click here for the answer!

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henrikanio(17.10.2020 07:16)

Since the first time I saw him, the Commander deck started forming in my head... It got a few additional treats from Zendikar Rising after that.
This evening will be it's first test drive, so wish me luck

amrtina(17.10.2020 10:14)

@henrikanio Good luck!

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