#CMAskTheJudge Episode 125: Doctor Proctor

Welcome to Episode 125 of Cardmarket's AskTheJudge series. Each episode includes a video that poses a question regarding the rules of Magic. Watch the video, comment with your answer, and then check your work below. This week's question is about the interaction between Strict Proctor and different abilities.

Welcome to #CMAskTheJudge! This time our judge wants to know which abilities are affected by Strict Proctor and how, using Lotus Field as our example. Comment on our video (or below) with your answer and then check whether you got it right or wrong!

strict proctor lotus field

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Knight925(01.05.2021 14:18)(Edited: 01.05.2021 14:21)

Yeah, this is not an complicated question. Lotus field is just a normal ETB-ability that can get countered by Strict Protector. There is nothing special going on.

The only weird thing is, that most ETB-abilities are positive abilities the player actually wants, while this one is negative. So in this case the player gladly prevents the ETB. Other than that, there is nothing special.

Just like with those 2 cards:
Angel of Mercy https://scryfall. Com/card/jmp/84/angel-of-mercy
Necrogen Scudder https://scryfall. Com/card/m15/106/necrogen-scudder

Why should Strict protector only counter Angel of Mercy's ability?

PhilXan(01.05.2021 13:13)(Edited: 01.05.2021 13:15)

Lotus Field enters the battlefield tapped; that's a replacement ability, which Strict Proctor does not care about.

When Lotus Field enters, its 'sacrifice two lands' ability triggers, which triggers Strict Proctor's ability. If you refuse to pay 2 mana, Lotus Field's ETB is countered and you don't sacrifice two lands.

I mean, you *could* pay 2 to not have Lotus Field's ETB countered, and you'd have to sacrifice two lands..

Gremlin67(30.04.2021 22:21)

I think the Lotus Field still enters tapped, you don't have to sacrifice two lands and you don't have to pay mana

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