#CMAskTheJudge Episode 126: Elite Exiling

Welcome to Episode 126 of Cardmarket's AskTheJudge series. Each episode includes a video that poses a question regarding the rules of Magic. Watch the video, comment with your answer, and then check your work below. This week's question is about cards exiled with Elite Spellbinder …

Welcome to #CMAskTheJudge! This time our judge wants to know how Elite Spellbinder works. What happens with the card when the Spellbinder dies? Comment on our video (or below) with your answer and then check whether you got it right or wrong!

elite spellbinder

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Dacaldha(07.05.2021 19:54)

I say yes, you can still play it, but it still costs 2 more to cast. The Spellbinder doesn't say that the card goes to Exile until Spellbinder leaves the Battlefield. So the card stays in Exile. Furthermore the rules text says that "for as long as that card remains exiled...". Since it is still exiled the rest also applies. If you somehow get the exiled card back into another zone (by an Eldrazi Processor for example) you could cast it for it's normal cost (if you get it to your hand).

andbot(07.05.2021 14:28)(Edited: 07.05.2021 14:30)

My guess: It stays exiled. The instance of elite spellbinder that exiled card was connected with does not exist anymore. It cannot be cast anymore since the spellbinder is not in game anymore. Also recasting spellbinder doesn't help: that would be a new spellbinder with its own new exiled card.

Edit: damn, got it wrong

Telmonen(07.05.2021 12:45)(Edited: 07.05.2021 12:48)

What about if "Squee, the Immortal" is exiled from hand with the Spellbinder?
How much will it cost to cast it?
My guess is that it would cost the 2 extra mana to cast, even though the Squee normally allows casting it from exile.
But there is some possibility for odd interactions: Can you cast squee from exile with two different methods? The Elite Spellbinder only refers to "a spell cast this way...". But would the Squee allow the casting to happen some other way?

PhilXan(07.05.2021 13:27)(Edited: 07.05.2021 13:28)

Telmonen My guess is the "a spell cast this way" refers specifically to a spell that you're casting 'with' the Spellbinder's ability. If you're allowed to cast that spell some other way, too, it doesn't feel intuitive that the Spellbinder would tax it. Similar to how you can't Flashback a Faithless Looting for 0 mana off an As Foretold, or how if you play an Artifact Creature from your graveyard with Muldrotha's ability, you choose whether it counts as your Artifact- or Creature for the turn. Strange comparisons maybe, but maybe you see what I mean.

But I'm no judge; curious what Martina has to say about this :)

amrtina(07.05.2021 18:55)

You can avoid the tax - squee can be cast either using its ability to get cast from exile, or, as the Spellbinder says, "cast this way", using Spellbinder's ability.

Just as a note, i actually checked this answer with several other judges so i'm pretty certain :)

Telmonen(07.05.2021 20:10)

Thanks for the answer!
Considering how weird the casting rules get with Squee, it's Gatherer page is remarkable short.

amrtina(07.05.2021 20:35)

I wholeheartedly agree, no idea why there isn't more, since we have "what about squee" thing in every edition :D

anbu(07.05.2021 11:35)

The card remains exiled and may still be cast for an extra 2.