Spring Cleaning: Product Review and Contest


Let's follow the ancient rite of spring cleaning and get our Magic cards in order. There are great options for storage on the market right now, and Cardmarket even has a way for you to increase the extent of your own collection. Take part in our contest and win a booster box of Theros Beyond Death!

Spring Cleaning is a tradition so old that even historians are not sure of its origin. Possibly it dates back to prehistoric times. Because, you know, even when living in a huge cave, those skulls of Woolly Mammoths and shells of Giant Oysters you thought it was a good idea to collect and use to decorate your home during fall and winter may end up taking up more space than you planned for.

When it comes to a Magic collection, it may also begin So Tiny, but Rampant Growth is almost inevitable. If you cannot muster the Force of Will to Cleanse it in time, a thin Mystic Veil that you could easily Wipe Clean suddenly becomes a Breeding Pit for Dust Elementals requiring a Planar Cleansing of Mythic Proportions. Be careful or you'll have to Fend Off the Wall of Dust armed with a Sorcerer's Broom and a Voracious Vacuum.

Performing the Rites of Spring to Salvage your collection before All Is Dust and you Drown in Filth can even inspire you to embark on a greater adventure. When you Catalog and Index your cards, perhaps a Flow of Ideas will come to you.

Today we have some suggestions for storing your collection or those most precious parts of it that make up your decks, or perhaps your cube or battlebox. At the same time, we ask you to share with all of us how you personally keep your cards safe and easily accessible. There's even something in it for you, as you can win a booster box of Theros Beyond Death. (Guess what they found when doing their own spring cleaning at the Cardmarket offices.)

The Ultimate Guard for Your Cube and Decks

Once you've got your cards dusted and sorted, you don't want to just stack them all as one tall Unstable Obelisk on a Suspicious Bookcase. If you value your cards, you want to take care of them in the best way possible. This is why we decided to review some of the most popular solutions from Ultimate Guard so you can see if they have something to offer for your storage needs.


Ultimate Guard has become one of the most popular choices for Magic players when it comes to deckboxes and larger storage units for multiple decks, or cubes, battleboxes, et cetera. Personally, I had only seen their products in photos and review videos. In particular, I had several times considered acquiring the attractive-looking Superhive as a stylish home for my cube. What held me back turns out to be the modesty of the company in its claims about the product as well as their actual knowledge about the market for which they produce.

On the box the Superhive boasts that it can store 550+ cards, and that is indeed true. But having a cube of 720 cards, this was definitely not for me. One Superhive would be far too little and two would be far too much, but let's get back to that in a moment.


Holding the Superhive in my hands for the first time, right away made me consider going through the arduous task of cutting my cube down to 450 cards to be able to fit it in the box along with lands, tokens, and counters. Because quite honestly online photos and videos don't give justice to the XenoSkin experience.

The outer material is at once soft and feels almost uncannily organic. The strong magnet keeping the lid safely in place — I will leave shake tests to another very famous reviewer, but this is not a lid that just randomly slides open — and the inside microfiber lining is likewise pleasing to the fingertips and seems like it would be easy to clean, should the need arise.


But the Superhive is not only a pleasure to the sense of touch, it is also aesthetically appealing with its matte surface discreet branding. Most importantly the stitching is way above the quality you will usually see in such products; it is actually better than what I have come to expect from my clothes, even with the somewhat pricey button-down shirts I like to wear. Following the stiches all the way around, I found no threads sticking out and it took a serious examination to even discover where the stitching begun and ended.

So, this product only seemed to fail in one respect, that it could not house the 720 cards of my own cube. Well, I was in for a surprise, when I decided to try out how much of the cube could make it into the 550+ space advertised. I began putting the 48 fifteen-card boosters in and you know what? They all fit. Double-sleeved and including the boosters themselves, there was still some space to spare.


Now Ultimate Guard does advertise the Superhive as being for cubes, and my guess is, that the modesty of merely claiming to house 550+ double-sleeved cards is meant to indicate, that the box is fitting for a 550-card cube with whatever tokens and basic lands you want to go along with it. Of course, this shows a good understanding of the company's target market.

Personally, I don't mind storing lands and tokens on the side, but that is a matter of taste. In any case, if you want an accurate estimate of how many cards really fit into the box, it is more like 750, double-sleeved, and here I am not counting the space that my boosters take up — even if this may vary to either side depending on the sleeves you use. Here's one happy cube owner.

You can always put basic lands into some deck boxes

Show Us Your Collection and Grow It

  1. Head to Cardmarket's Facebook or Twitter page and comment on/reply to the post about this contest with one photo showing off how you have organized your Magic collection. You can only make one submission, and you have to do it by Sunday, April 19.

  2. Afterward, Cardmarket will select the eight best submissions based on practicality, creativity, aesthetic, and style: Can you access cards easily? Is your system unique? Does it look cool? Then we want to see it!

  3. Cardmarket will feature the winning submissions in a post and/or article, contact the eight winners, and ship each of them one booster box of Theros Beyond Death.

  4. Additional rules:

    • By taking part, you grant Cardmarket permission to use your submitted photo.
    • When contacted, winners must provide a Cardmarket account.
    • To receive their prize, winners must have a shipping address within the European Union.
    • Facebook is in no way sponsoring or endorsing this giveaway.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily Cardmarket. The contest, though, is all Cardmarket's. This article features material provided by Ultimate Guard.

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