The greatest X in Y

The VSL season 2 had great games, great players, great commentary, and a great final match. But what about great investment targets?

The greatest player in VSL

Yesterday evening the Vintage Super League Season 2 concluded with an epic final match (consisting of more than 10 games with 3 different decks per player). If you missed it, you can watch replays on twitch via Wizards regular magic channel. There were some debatable plays made, but the commentary was just as great as it always is in VSL.

The greatest praise for a card

From a financial perspective one statement made by Luis Scott-Vargas really stood out for me, though. When Randy Buehler asked him, whether Dack Fayden was the best planeswalker in Vintage now, his reply was, “Oh yeah, it's not even close! … Both the first two abilities are very very relevant, and at three mana basically Dack does what Jace does, just for a mana cheaper. And a mana is like a world of difference in Vintage.”

If a mythic rare card is easily better than Jace, the Mind Sculptor, it is bound to get expensive in the long run.

The greatest thief in the multiverse

Between restricting the opponent's mana, ramping your own mana, stealing a threat like Blightsteel Colossus or Lodestone Golem, improving the quality of your hand, filling your graveyard for Delve cards and Yawgmoth's Will, and locking your opponent out of the game with Notion Thief, the potential for Dack Fayden to be great in any given Vintage board state is high.

With Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Liliana of the Veil (the best planeswalkers in Legacy and Modern respectively) having price tags of above 60€, Dack still seems to have a lot of growth potential, as it is currently just sitting a little above 20€, despite being the best planeswalker in Vintage.

Dack Fayden From (EX+): 20,00€ Price Trend: 21,91€

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