Este es el lugar donde hay que estar si te gustan los formatos construidos de Magic: el Encuentro. Esta categoría contiene artículos centrados en los formatos Standard, Legacy, Vintage, Commander y cualquier otro formato de barajas construidas que se enfrentan entre sí. Lee las últimas estrategias competitivas de los formatos construidos más populares de Magic.

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A First-Timers Look at Old School

de Rone (2019-08-13)

Trying a new format in Magic is one of the coolest experiences a player can have. From playing unknown cards to learning different mechanics, Rone looks at his experience at an Old School tournament. Let's break it down.

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Rotation Grief: Ixalan (Part 1)

de Kumagoro (2019-08-13)

The Standard Rotation looms closer with every passing day. How the meta will change at first is mostly going to be a direct consequence of the disappearance of the four rotating sets. Afte re-examining M19, it's now time to go all the way back to the beginning of this Standard era by looking at Ixalan, the almost two-year-old home of Dinosaurs, Merfolk, Pirates, and Vampires.

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Legacy Treasures 2: 4c Waterfalls

de CabalTherapy (2019-08-12)

CabalTherapy is back tapping into some of the less known, but still great decks in Legacy. This time it's the "real" cascade deck: 4c Waterfalls. It's great and it's time it gets its time in the sunshine. Joing him as he gives you a snapshot of this oldie but goodie.

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Modern Power Creep: Ten Creatures That No Longer Make the Cut

de HansD (2019-08-08)

Voice of Resurgence? Delver of Secrets? Wild Nacatl? If you’ve forgotten these cards, it’s not your fault. Modern has had some power creep, Hans breaks down what doesn't cut mustard anymore!

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Rotation Grief: M19 (Part 2)

de Kumagoro (2019-08-01)

With the release of Throne of Eldraine on October 4, the dreaded/craved yearly rotation will kick in, turning the current Standard pool from its eight-set peak to its five-set nadir. Meanwhile, we're having a look at the cards that we'll miss the most (or not), starting from those contained in the core set that bears this year's name.

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