Cobertura del evento

Cobertura del evento

Esta categoría se centra en eventos sobre Magic, convenciones, torneos y otros eventos que traten de Magic: el Encuentro o eventos que tengan anuncios de Magic. Aquí encontrarás perfiles de mazos, entrevistas y artículos acerca de lo que acontece en estos eventos.

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Team Unified Standard RPTQ in Poland: Before and After

de JohnnyCroat (2018-06-28)

It's no secret that metagames change, that archetypes change, that some decks fall out of favor while others get a 'second' wind. It's all part and parcel of the game of Magic: The Gathering. Lee recently attended an RPTQ and here, he tells the story of how his W/U control deck changed with Dominaria.

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Pro Tour Dominaria Report

de Toffel (2018-06-06)

Do you want to get a little insight into German preparation for Pro Tour Dominaria? Join Toffel as he explains exactly how he attacked Limited and which decks his team considered for Standard, as well as which decks came short of dealing with a meta defined by an omnipresent Goblin Chainwhirler.

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MKM Series Hamburg 2018 and the State of Legacy

de CabalTherapy (2018-05-28)

Legacy at MKM Series Hamburg was a special one. Not only does it feature only a single blue deck in a rather unusual Top 8, but it also could signify a true turning point for the Legacy format on the whole. There are many questions here that demand answers and Robert is going to try and answer them.

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Metagame Analysis: GP Hartford and its Aftermath

de HansD (2018-04-25)

GP Hartford is in the books and there's a lot to take in. In this week's article, I discuss what happened in Hartford, why it happened, and what I expect to see from Modern moving forward!

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What the Four Best Decks from GP Phoenix Say about Modern

de HansD (2018-03-28)

GP Phoenix gave us an insight into how the meta has shaped up after the unbanning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf. Hans looks at what he considers the four best decks from the tournament and discusses what kind of information we can wean from the results!

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