Momir in GRN Standard

de JohnnyCroat (2018-11-08)

Magic Arena has been Wizards' biggest win in recent years. But what a win it is. Massive playability, a programming and management team that pays attention to player feedback, and the sort of reach that Magic Online could only dream of. It also has a number of casual formats that you won't find in your local LGS… or even on the older Magic client.

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How to Build a Collection on MTG Arena on a Budget

de HansD (2018-10-31)

With all the great articles that my colleagues write here on Cardmarket Insight, I wanted to spend this week talking about a topic that hasn't been discussed yet – how one goes about building up a collection on MTG Arena. With the game still in Open Beta, there isn't as much information out there when it comes to how to go about doing so, and I'm hoping this article will give you a better idea about how to go about collecting all the cards!

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Jumping into Magic Arena

de HansD (2018-10-23)

I dipped my toes into Magic Arena this past week and decided to give the program a whirl. After all, with all the hype and positive reviews coming from the community, I wanted to see with my own eyes and click with my own fingers to confirm if the game was as good as it was advertised. After several days of playing through the various modes the game had to offer, I've decided to write up my initial take on where Magic Arena stands.

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