Leo Bartolome

  • Name: Léo "Moudou" Bartolomé
  • Preferred Format: Modern and Standard


I am Moudou. I stream myself losing a lot and I write about crazy ideas. I won a PPTQ and a Game Day, went undefeated on a four-match event, cashed on the Grand Prix scene, and went 5-0 on MTGO. Once each.

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Countdown til Christmas: Top 10 Magic Cards of 2018 (#6)

de Moudou (2018-12-14)

Cardmarket's top 10 most sold Magic: The Gathering cards of 2018 - with a Christmas twist! These cards topped our charts from 1 January to 30 November 2018 and we can't wait to share them. Here's our 6th most popular card!

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Define This: Card and Quality Advantage Part 2

de Moudou (2018-12-10)

Last month we discussed the basics and technicalities of Card and Quality Advantage. Now, it's time to dig into where and how to find them in real games.

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Define This: Card and Quality Advantage Part 1

de Moudou (2018-10-17)

The time has come for Modou to cover two of the most important notions in the history of CCGs: Card Advantage and Quality Advantage. Check out some examples, and a fun quiz at the end on what constitutes Card Advantage.

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Define This: Jedi Mind Tricks

de Moudou (2018-09-18)

In this new set of the Define This series, we will be going into specific notions regarding Magic vocabulary. While some words are easy to define, others have a sturdy theoretical background or are simply not easy to describe. In this latest chapter, we will be reviewing what some call Jedi Mind Tricks.

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Define This: Tournament Structures

de Moudou (2018-07-16)

The second chapter of this series will cover the most popular tournament structures that you are likely to come across. In the following chapters, we will go over the in-game vocabulary. After that, we will into some specific notions such as Card Advantage or tie-breakers.

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