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Rodrigo Martin

  • Name: Rodrigo "Rone" Martin
  • Preferred Format: Modern and Legacy


Hi all! My name is Rodrigo Martin, although most of my MTG friends call me Rone. I have been playing this amazing card game since I was a child in school. Right after Urza's Saga was released, I started collecting cards, but by that time I didn’t even know the rules, so my friends made them up for a while!

After that, my parents moved to a new house in the same city and I had to make new friends. But lucky me, I found a nice group of young people playing Magic in my new neighbourhood. So, I kept learning and improving my skills with them as a team.

About my experience with the different formats, I started playing Extended until Legacy became successful during the 2012 Legacy GP in Madrid. I really loved the format during the next 3 years, but due to my career studies, I had to quit and sell all my Legacy cards. Nevertheless, it didn't take too long for me to come back and start playing again, but this time I chose Modern, since the format was more affordable and popular by then.

One of the best things about MTG is that I have made a lot of friends over the years. Some of them have stopped playing (I even sold my cards and came back at least three times), but we have kept our friendship until the present day. That's why I am always glad to play Magic.

Recently, I spent a year living in Australia and it was amazing how easily I met Magic players there. They helped me get the cards I needed to play Standard, and introduced me to their community. That's another reason why I love this game: the MTG communities all over the world.

Finally, in 2016, I started creating content about MTG. I wanted to share my knowledge with others to enhance my experience as a writer and an MTG player.

Todos los artículos de Rodrigo Martin

Back in Black and Blue: Death's Shadow in Legacy

de Rone (2019-10-14)

Legacy is currently a wild jungle full of Modern Horizons cards: Wrenn and Six, Hogaaks and Arcum's Astrolabe. However, one deck might fight them all. Blue-Black Death's Shadow even works without dual lands! Rone shares his thoughts on the deck, his experience, and his sideboard guide.

4 Comentarios

A Faithless Looting Eulogy, Part 2: In Memoriam

de Rone (2019-10-08)

The mourning continues in this series about the monumental banning of Faithless Looting from Modern. This time, Rone dives into the rest of the affected strategies in order to find the best future build for Mono-Red Prowess, Hollow One, and Mardu Pyromancer, to name but a few!

4 Comentarios

Elementary My Dear Omnath: Temur Elementals in the New Standard

de Rone (2019-09-26)

Standard rotation is happening this month! Throne of Eldraine is joining Standard, but we're losing four sets right along with it. This means a fresh starts for everyone and Rone thinks Temur Elementals is one of the biggest benificary of this new Standard!

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A Faithless Looting Eulogy Part 1

de Rone (2019-09-09)

It's time to say goodbye to one of Modern's defining cards, Faithless Looting. Rone does so by singing the praises of each archetype it helped enable, while discussing the futures of these archetypes in a post-looting world. This time, Rone covers the big three - Izzet Phoenix, Dredge, and the Hogaak Menace itself.

3 Comentarios

Spicy Decks from Mythic Championship IV

de Rone (2019-08-30)

Modern is a new format after the recent banning and unbanning. People are looking to brew tons of new decks, but Rone decided instead to look back at Mythic Championship IV Barcelona. Sure, the decks were tuned for Hogaak, but maybe there were some gems that you could adapt in the new Modern.

1 Comentario