Sancho Napora

  • Name: Sancho Napora
  • Preferred Format: Commander, Cube, Battle Box


When I first started playing Magic, I hated blue. A friend and I picked up Magic: The Gathering in the summer of '94, and my first deck was a Revised 60-card starter deck with only two Islands. This made it almost impossible to cast Phantasmal Terrain, and turn one of my friend's lands into an Island and attack with my biggest creature, a 5/5 Sea Serpent with Islandhome.

A few additional starter decks and a several Islands later, it all changed when I discovered my one true love in the world of Magic. It was a blue card with an odd illustration of a clown and a jackal-headed person on a seesaw with a text box beginning with seven words that would drive my friends crazy for years to come: "Players do not get an untap phase."

At that moment, when I first laid eyes on the beautiful blue enchantment, Stasis, a Johnny was born. Since then, Magic for me was not just about winning, but about winning in silly, annoying, and janky ways — preferably using blue spells.

Newly returned after nearly 20 years away from the wonderful world of Magic: The Gathering, I am thrilled to explore the new formats and the thousands of cards I have missed out on, and I look forward to sharing my journey of rediscovery with the readers of Cardmarket Insight.

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Art Appreciation: Drew Tucker

de SanchoN (2018-11-28)

The art of Drew Tucker is among the more divisive contributions to Magic illustration. This week Sancho makes his stand in the pro-Tucker camp and celebrates the artist given credit for work that is not his, the artist behind one of Magic’s rarest cards, and the artist bringing nudity to your card collection.

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Ante? You Can Bet on It!

de SanchoN (2018-11-23)

In the original rules of Magic, players had to bet a random card from their deck in each game they played. This bet was known as the "Ante." This week, Sancho tells another of his stories from the old days of Magic before looking more broadly at this long since abandoned gambling aspect of the game.

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Grinding You Down

de SanchoN (2018-10-31)

Admitting that mill is not a strategy for winners but still unable to let it go, Sancho spends this week's article milling somewhat aimlessly about just enjoying the pretty mill cards and musing about the eternal what if, that lures hordes of Johnnies to hunt for a deck which will deck any opposition consistently.

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Something to Remember - The History of Tokens

de SanchoN (2018-10-18)

From glass beads, coins, and matches to cardboard with the same size and even the same backside as Magic cards, tokens and other reminders that represent everything within the game, including creatures, have come a long way. This week, Sancho offers a token of gratitude to a special category of little helpers.

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Forgotten Heroes: Power Surge

de SanchoN (2018-10-11)

In this first installment of a new series, Forgotten Heroes, Sancho dusts off the red enchantment Power Surge. From being the terror of many a kitchen table, this card has now transformed into a nearly useless piece of cardboard and a reminder of an archaic set of rules from the old days.

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