¿Que es un Challengedel Cardmarket Series?

El Cardmarket Series es la mayor serie de torneos no oficiales de Europa y está organizado por Cardmarket. Todos los torneos del Cardmarket Series ofrece un torneo principal de Magic: El Encuentro tanto en formato construido como en limitado. El Cardmarket Series ofrece también varios eventos secundarios y más de 150.000 € en cupones de Cardmarket para jugadores durante los eventos del año.
Puedes encontrar más información del Cardmarket Series aquí: Página del Cardmarket Series

Respecto las Cardmarket Series, Cardmarket ofrece a los organizadores de torneos, tiendas y asociaciones la posibilidad de organizar los denominados Challenges para los eventos principales de Limited, Standard, Modern, Pioneer, Legacy del Cardmarket Series. Cardmarket apoya a las tiendas/organizadores de torneos con material de juego, cupones de Cardmarket y playmats para los vencedores del Challenge. No pierdas la oportunidad de organizar un Challenge del Cardmarket Series en tu tienda para el próximo evento del Cardmarket Series y darle a tus jugadores un torneo emocionante patrocinado por nosotros con premios. Regístrate ahora y recibe apoyo para tus torneos.

How Can I Organize Cardmarket Series Store Challenges?

In order to organize Store Challenges, you'll need to follow a few steps:

  • You must first register your store and location and provide all necessary information through the Tournament Manager Here. A Cardmarket representative will get in touch with you to process the registration.
  • Register your first Challenge and make sure to put "Cardmarket Series Store Challenge’ in the name.
  • Once your first Challenge is approved, it will be listed ont he Challenge Challenge Locator and you can run the event like any other.
    We do ask that you to place the Cardmarket roll-up banner that we ship to you in the venue during the event.
  • After the event, you'll need to submit the results of the Challenge (export the data from the official software) together with the Champion's information (name and DCI) through the Tournament Manager.
  • Once the event has been processed by our team, you will receive coupons by mail for your next Challenge and you can start planning more Store Challenges!
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¿Qué ofrece Cardmarket a los organizadores del Challenge del Cardmarket Series?

Los organizadores de torneos pueden darle al ganador del Trial del MKM Series los premios siguientes:

  • Un cupón de 40 € de Cardmarket como premio para el evento del mismo formato del Trial del MKM Series (para recoger por el jugador en la mesa de inscripciones del organizador del evento principal del MKM Series del formato correspondiente), esto es como una inscripción gratis para el evento principal.
  • Un bye para la primera ronda del MKM Series del formato correspondiente.
  • Un tapete del MKM Series de edición limitada (para recoger en la mesa del organizador del evento principal para el que el ganador se ha clasificado).

Los organizadores del torneo reciben cupones de Cardmarket por mail (para usar como premios para otros torneos u otro trial), según el número de participantes del trial.

Número de jugadoresCupones de Cardmarket
8 - 1010 € (2 x 5 €)
11 - 1515 € (3 x 5 €)
16 - 2020 € (4 x 5 €)
21 - 2525 € (5 x 5 €)
26 - 3030 € (6 x 5 €)
31 - 3535 € (7 x 5 €)
36 - 4040 € (8 x 5 €)
41 - 4545 € (9 x 5 €)
46 - 5050 € (10 x 5 €)

Si esperas más de 50 jugadores en el Trial del MKM Series que organices, ponte en contacto con nosotros antes del evento.

Los nuevos colaboradores de Cardmarket (organizadores de torneo o tiendas que organicen un Trial por primera vez para el MKM Series) recibirán un paquete con material de Cardmarket (libretas para contar vidas, bolígrafos y mucho más). Los colaboradores que lleven más tiempo con nosotros pueden recibir material de Cardmarket según los necesiten.

What Are the General Rules and Guidelines for Store Challenges?

  • Store Challenges must be organized as an open tournament in an appropriate venue using one of the approved formats (Standard, Limited, Modern, Pioneer, or Legacy).
  • Organizers must register the store / location with their Cardmarket account (a Cardmarket account is mandatory). A Store Challenge organizer is only considered a partner of Cardmarket when their first Challenge is officially confirmed.
  • Organizers MUST request Store Challenges at least fourteen (14) days in advance and all Store Challenges must occur at least five days before the respective Cardmarket Series event.
  • Store Challenges must be approved by Cardmarket before the event. Approved Challenges will be shown as 'confirmed' and organizers will receive an email with confirmation. Players will be able to find all Store Challenge Here
  • Organizers must report the final standings of their Store Challenges. Cardmarket will only award prize support after successful reporting of the event.
  • Organizers can organize one (1) Challenge for each available format per Cardmarket Series stop.
  • Cardmarket Series Store Challenges are official DCI tournaments. You cannot sanction an event (such as Friday Night Magic, WPNQ, or any other official event) as a Store Challenge.
  • Store Challenges fall under the official Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules and Magic: The Gathering Infraction Procedure Guide, unless specifically stated otherwise. Ruling documents can be found in the Magic Document Center.
  • A certified Judge should be present to supervise the tournament.
  • A minimum of 8 players is needed to sanction and report the tournament.
  • The use of proxies at Store Challenges is prohibited. Only official Magic:The Gathering cards may be used.
  • Players participating in the Store Challenge should hand in decklist prior to the start of the tournament.
  • The Store owner, organizer, scorekeeper, and/or Judge(s) of the Store Challenge are not allowed to compete in the event.
  • Organizers can choose to enforce a Rules Enforcement Level (REL) of Regular or Competitive.
  • Store Challenges should be played as Swiss rounds with 2-out-of-3 (50 minutes), and a top cut with 2-out-of-3 single elimination (untimed). The number of rounds depends on the number of players. Organizers may run trials with different tournament structure, as long as it is clearly anounced ahead of the tournament.
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