Cardmarket Grading FAQ

16.11.2021 19:19

Cardmarket Grading FAQ

Hello again!

We're amazed by the outpouring of support for our new grading services. Along the way, some questions have arisen regarding our partners, their process, and other aspects of Cardmarket Grading. This FAQ should hopefully help answer some of these questions. We'll update the FAQ with other questions as they come up.

Who does the grading?

  • We've partnered up with Guard and Grading Solution, a company based in Germany that specializes in trading card appraisals.

What makes them qualified?

  • On top of being officially certified by the DGuSV for trading card appraisal (they are "geprüften gutacher un sachverständigen"), they have also hired a full staff of experienced graders who have spent years grading and appraising cards.

Why can't I buy gradings anymore?

  • We're currently working with a capacity. We reached this capacity very early on, but are nevertheless doing everything we can to meet the demand. Expect the service to return soon.

Can I see any previews of what the graded cards look like?

  • We will be uploading pictures of both graded cards and the process on our website and social media soon.

Are there subgrades?

  • Yes, there are subgrades for Centering, Edges, Corners, and Surface.

What grading scale will you use?

  • The same grading as you are used to from industry standard companies.

What types of cards can I have graded?

  • Any cards from TCGs currently offered on Cardmarket.

What languages are eligible for grading?

  • Any card language currently available on Cardmarket.

Can I get altered or signed cards graded?

  • It's currently not possible to have signed and altered cards graded.

How long does the grading usually take?

  • Depending on the number of cards, it can take up to 3 weeks (excluding shipping time). This might increase when demand is high.

Will Cardmarket integrate Cardmarket Graded cards into our sales options in the future?

  • Yes, we plan to eventually integrate these into our marketplace.

The process seems a little complicated, can I get some more help?

  • We plan on releasing a video with instructions later this week.

Can I get my cards graded from anywhere?

  • Unfortunately, the UK, Switzerland, and Norway are excluded for now, but we plan to add those countries soon!

We hope this answers your questions and we look forward to seeing your Cardmarket-graded cards!

Your Cardmarket Team