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How to Beat the Magic: Online Legacy Cube

Limitépar Andifeated (2018-10-10)

Andifeated may be a spike at heart, but he enjoys every Magic format he can get his hands on when he isn't participating in a competitive tournament. This week, he drafted a bunch of sweet decks in the Legacy Cube Draft format and wants to share his knowledge about this casual master discipline with you.

Bloodbraid Elf: Proving Its Weight in Modern

Construitpar HansD (2018-04-06)

It’s been almost two months since Bloodbraid Elf came off the ban list, and we’ve seen a wide variety of lists running the four-drop. In this week’s article, Hans ponders the effect Bloodbraid Elf has had on Modern and compiles a compendium of recent deck lists playing the elf!

What the Four Best Decks from GP Phoenix Say about Modern

Couverture médiatique d'événementpar HansD (2018-03-28)

GP Phoenix gave us an insight into how the meta has shaped up after the unbanning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf. Hans looks at what he considers the four best decks from the tournament and discusses what kind of information we can wean from the results!

How to Teach Magic: The Gathering to New Players

Divertissementpar RyanS (2018-03-15)

Do you remember your first game of Magic: The Gathering? How you felt while learning how to play? Did a friend teach you or was it someone at your Local Games Shop? Are you considering teaching a friend or a sibling Magic? What are the best ways to introduce new players to the game? In this article I will be exploring some ideas and give out some advice on how to teach MTG to new players.

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Copa Modern GP #8 @ Geek Pit - PE - Brazil


EDH @ Rennes (Bretagne)
Bohemia DC Prague 7th @ Prague @ Prague
FNM Duel Commander @ Gaming Goat Geneva, IL
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Highlander Spielraum Wien #2
Highlander URPIN CUP Banská Bystrica, SK
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