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Tribal Attractions: Dragons

Construitpar Kumagoro (2018-08-31)

With its strict, four-faction setting, Ixalan has been a very tribal block, and then Dominaria doubled down with some tribal focus of its own. Time for Kumagoro to have fun with Modern-legal concoctions for some less obvious tribes. In this installment: the most iconic of the iconic tribes.

Power Creep - A Casual Peep

Divertissementpar SanchoN (2018-08-22)

Power creep: What is it? Is it a good or a bad thing? In this article, Sancho looks at how Magic the Gathering went from 6/4 creatures for six mana to a 10/10 for five and how the history of Magic has seen the power of creeps creep up while lovers of spells weep for days long past.

8 Core Points on M19 Limited

Limitépar Toffel (2018-08-13)

Before Core '19 launched, Thoralf had some predictions as to how its Limited would play out. Here, he looks at how it actually played out, presenting a nice list of rules that are worth following when you draft the format. He covers going fast, going big, and everything inbetween, so be sure to check it out.

Hochstapler – Bavarian Highlander

Construitpar Andifeated (2018-08-10)

Highlander might be the most popular way to build casual decks and enjoy Magic in a non-tournament environment. There are many ways to play Highlander and while Elder Dragon Highlander (AKA Commander) might be the most popular by far, there are many more ways to build singleton decks and have fun at the kitchen or bar table. Andifeated is here to show you a bavarian variant of Highlander – or as they call it in southern Germany “Hochstapler”.

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