New main page

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We are excited to announce our new main page layout, that is going to be launched on July 8th 2014! It is the first in a series of changes that we are making to improve the usability of our website.

The new landing page will look as follows:


The major changes with respect to the old layout are pretty obvious:

  1. The "boxed" elements on the page have been rearranged
  2. The News link has been moved to the search bar
  3. The menu bar has been moved from the left to the top.

The menu bar

The menu bar is also the element that has changed the most:

1. While logged out, the menu bar is "invisible" and only shows the login form:


2. The menu only shows the functions that you can use with your current account, for instance: as long as you have not activated your account for selling, you will only see the seller activation link. Once you have succesfully passed seller activation, you'll see the full selling menu:


3. Only the menu headers are shown, the detailed functions are now accessible in a drop-down menu:

My Account:




We hope you enjoy the changes!