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Mistletoe Garland

What is one piece of insight that you think Magic players learned this 2018?


Christmas Tree Emoji HANS

I hope that the one insight Magic players were able to come away with from this past year is that Magic: The Gathering is a game that can be played in a handful of different ways. From the digital platforms to the plethora of paper formats, Magic is one of the best games in the world because it allows players to discover, play with, and learn about all the ways to enjoy Magic.


Most Played Deck
Bant Eldrazi, Modern
Favorite MTG Moment
Playing Brawl with my wife for an entire evening

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Christmas Angel Emoji GIANLUCA

Magic players learned that MTGO is not going anywhere because MTG Arena is ultimately not a way to experience Magic: The Gathering as an online trading card game – it's just a video game where you happen to be playing a game of Magic. Learning that was a relief. Furthermore, Magic players learned that Wizards of the Coast if fully capable of creating a cool, eye-pleasing, functional interface for digital Magic. Learning that was a disappointment. But there's at least a slight hope that the MTGO team will, in turn, learn something from the MTGA team.


Most Played Deck
I keep changing decks week in and week out. My most successful one was a Defender Ramp build with Arcades, the Strategist and a bunch of Plant Walls in Tribal Wars
Favorite MTG Moment
Beating a full-fledged Tron with my budget Aura Ramp in Modern by ramping faster, then soft-locking it out of the game by recurring Primal Command

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Christmas Bells Emoji ANDREAS

After celebrating 25 successful years of Magic: The Gathering, watching the old Reserved List cards increase in value, and the Magic Esports program being announced, Magic fans learned that this game is still exciting after all those years, and it will keep surprising us for the years to come.


Most Played Deck
Grixis Pile, all formats
Favorite MTG Moment
Becoming friends with Kai Budde!

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Christmas Candy Emoji CHRISTIAN

Wizards of the Coast just announced the upcoming changes in competitive play (Esports) and this is one of the biggest changes in Magic: The Gathering history. Players learned that MTG Esports will be a big thing in the future… hopefully.


Most Played Deck
U/B Control, Standard
Favorite MTG Moment
Top 8-ing at GP Warsaw

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Christmas Cookie Emoji SANCHO

I think Magic players learned from Guilds of Ravnica: Mythic Edition and Ultimate Masters that we are willing to pay a lot more for sealed products than we ourselves or Wizards of the Coast had ever expected.


Most Played Deck
a janky Padeem, Consul of Innovation deck, Commander
Favorite MTG Moment
Drafting a really tight Boros Aggro deck in Cube, only to lose miserably to a U/B Mill that managed to reanimate an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

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Christmas Gift Emoji JAMIN

Magic players have re-learned how great Standard can be when we shifted from the one deck format (R/B Aggro) to this amazing Standard that we currently have.


Most Played Deck
Baral, Brawl
Favorite MTG Moment
Qualifying for the MOCS and my first PT

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Christmas Ornament Emoji RODRIGO

I hope Magic readers have realized that Magic: The Gathering is always changing just like life itself. Within this year, Modern evolved a lot – new decks appeared, others vanished completely, Humans and Spirits revitalized Tribal decks, and Dredge made its comeback thanks to Creeping Chill. In addition, MTG Arena had its open beta, ensuring that our favorite trading card game will be present on the digital era of Esports.


Most Played Deck
Hollow One, Modern
Favorite MTG Moment
Winning the Pamplona Modern League, September edition – during the finals against Burn with a mulligan to five in play, after losing the first game and winning the next two thanks to Blood Moon and Collective Brutality

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Christmas Stocking Emoji THORALF

Every limited experience combines to something bigger and better. A new set does not mean starting from scratch. It is fine to make educated guesses, as long as they are reasonably questioned.


Most Played Deck
KCI, Modern
Favorite MTG Moment
Top 4 team in GP Amsterdam

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Christmas Wreath Emoji CHRISTOPHER

With MTG Arena, Wizards of the Coast takes the next step in giving everyone, from casual to pro players, a great experience of our favorite game.


Most Played Deck
KCI, Modern
Favorite MTG Moment
GP Stockholm, Round 6: I did a full 40-minute combo turn because the two remaining cards in my deck were my last Myr Retriever and Pyrite Spellbomb

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Mistletoe Emoji LEE

I'd like to think that Magic readers have found the various Magic formats more accessible, thanks in no small part to the excellent team providing "insight" (ho ho ho!) into the sundry mountain of decks available. I, for my part, have certainly seen great improvement in my own game, so it stands to reason that others have benefitted as well.


Most Played Deck
Teferi Approach, Standard
Favorite MTG Moment
Winning Round 3 of the Team RPTQ 25th Anniversay on camera, playing flawless Magic, and making perfect reads (with team input) after going down 0-1 in a very quick Game 1. It's also worth noting that my victory was made possible by Léo winning his match first

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Reindeer Emoji PIETRO

I think Magic players became more fascinated with the game – the cards, the decklists, everything that is behind Magic: The Gathering.


Most Played Deck
any deck, Old School 93/94
Favorite MTG Moment
Watching the face of my opponents whenever I completely change my deck strategy with transformational sideboards

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Santa Claus Emoji RYAN

Magic players can play budget, casual Commander decks and still have fun. Maybe (hopefully) they've become more aware of the different needs in a playgroup, making communication easier between players.


Most Played Deck
The Ur-Dragon, Commander
Favorite MTG Moment
Player of the Year, Playoffs 2018: I really enjoyed the format with players having to choose four decks in advance and needing to win one game with each deck to win the event. Each round was a best out of one, so the same decks were only played in one game. This made for some interesting MTG streaming.

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Santa Hat Emoji LÉO

In spite of a lot of unwanted changes and decisions from Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering now has a popular free-to-play version that will draw a lot of new players and content producers into the Magic community.


Most Played Deck
wacky brews all around, Standard (of course!)
Favorite MTG Moment
Gonna have to go with winning my very first Feature Match in the RPTQ mentioned by Lee. Winning my second ever PPTQ is a close second though

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Snowflake Emoji MARK

Magic: The Gathering is like Michael Knight from Knight Rider – one man can make a difference. Goblin Chainwhirler come on down!


Most Played Deck
Dimir Delver, Pauper
Dimir Midrange, Standard
Anafenza, the Foremost, Tiny Leaders
Favorite MTG Moment
Watching my wife go 3-0 during the first three rounds of PPTQ, then making her first Top 8

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Snowman Emoji ROBERT

Magic players experienced and learned that there is still so much space, so much that can be done in Legacy, despite its so-called "pillars".


Most Played Deck
ANT, Legacy
Favorite MTG Moment
Top decked like a pro all year long while making finger guns

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Mistletoe Garland
Insight Christmas Break 2018

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