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There has been a problem with the production of Eldritch Moon boosters in the United States.

There has been a problem with the production of Eldritch Moon boosters in the United States.

In case you didn't know, Magic cards are printed and packaged in multiple factories, not just in a single one. European cards are produced at Carta Mundi in Belgium. This is not only true for localized packs (German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.) but there are also English packs made for Europe. For some sets you can even see small differences between English cards printed here and those printed in the U.S.

Europe is unaffected

So far the most recent production “failure” appears to only affect American product, so you don't have to worry all that much, as even your English boosters are unaffected. But as you all know the markets are not 100% separate, so I wanted to warn you nonetheless. Don't buy Booster packs from opened American displays. The packaging problem leads to (nearly) all non-double-faced mythics ending up in packs with the same picture inside that display. In your first display they might all be in Tamiyo packs, but in the next one they might all be in Liliana packs. Before opening a display you can't know which picture it will be, but once you find your first mythic in any pack, the odds are extremely high that all other mythics in that display are in the packs with the same front picture. By opening just those packs, one can extract the mythics from the display while just opening around 40% of all the packs. As it isn't always the same picture, one can “steal” the mythics from each display and still have a lot of unopened packs with all the pictures. Therefore it is impossible to prove whether somebody did this and is just trying to sell the rest of the (on average) less valuable packs – unless the displays are still sealed with the original wrapper. Players using their own product for drafts, and a whole lot of other things become an issue because of this. Stay away from American boosters that are not sealed in an original display anymore!

Fortunately, this should be quite easy, as I don't expect a lot of American unboxed boosters to be offered on MKM - if any at all, especially now that you know about this issue.

You can go to YouTube and search for “Buyer Beware: Eldritch Moon is searchable” to see two box openings sorted by pack picture.

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NewPhyrexian(2016-08-09 18:40)

As far as i know all Fat Pack boosters are printed in the USA. So beware those...

MKM-Insight(2016-07-29 18:12)

@Hessta: I don't have the product in front of me, but the display should say "Made in Belgium", and the packs probably do as well.
@Asmodean: You are wrong. By opening all the boosters with the same picture once you find your first mythic, you do not only get all the mythics. You will open some packs that only have rares anyway. All of the packs you open still have a normal chance to include a flip card and you also have a normal chance to open any regular rare. Everything else stays the same, but your mythic ratio gets a lot better. When you sell the other packs to somebody, then their mythic chances are close to zero while everything else remains the same. And mythics are more expensive/valuable on average. Just look it up here:

war-dog(2016-07-29 12:14)

Like the article, but please make a link to the video or make it selectable for easy copy paste.

PlanarGate(2016-07-29 12:11)

I think that even in US that's not much of an issue. Let's assume you take out all non flip mythics out of a display. One of these is crap - mind's dilation, while the second is close to unplayable - nahiri's wrath. If you're lucky you have 2 'walkers and several good or mediocre cards. There are rares that are more expensive and better plus the mythic flips which are quite good too. I don't think this is a big problem.

Hessta(2016-07-29 10:39)

How do i differentiate an American from an European booster box?

MKM-Insight(2016-07-28 20:42)

Thank you for your comments. Obviously I could have included the link, but we generally choose not to link to other websites if it can be avoided. Sorry for the small inconvenience.
Please keep the comments in English. We can't offer translations for MKM Insight, like we do for many parts of the rest of the page. Thank you for your understanding!

Top8(2016-07-28 19:16)

Thanks for the heads up! These kind of failures bring more pain than joy usually, so the more people are aware, the better. Fortunately, the vast majority of cards and packs in here are ENG/FR/DEU/SP/ITA.
The Good Ol' Europe!


Harakesh(2016-07-28 16:44)

Might want to make the text of this article selectable since your referring to a link / video on Youtube. You can't select the search phrase (might just want to add this link:

MolE(2016-07-28 09:39)

you could add deriums link to youtube: