Coverage: MMM Showdown June


We invited the best of the local Modern community as well as a host of international stars to the first MMM Showdown streamed live from Berlin. Tune in and catch Andrea Mengucci, Eli Loveman, and Simon Nielsen playing on camera, with commentary from Thoralf Severin, Arne Huschenbeth, and Jamin Kauf!

After five rounds of Swiss and three single-elimination rounds, Denmark's Simon Nielsen claimed the title and the trophy. Throughout the day we saw lots of interesting strategies at the top tables, out of a metagame almost too diverse, and seven distinct archetypes made it to the Top 8. In the end, Nielsen's Glimpse of Tomorrow combo deck proved strongest of them all.

Simon Nielsen
Congratulations to our champion, Simon Nielsen!

Top 8 Players & Bracket

Top 8 players
Standing (left to right): Tarek Bokelmann, Florian Böhme, Florian Binder, Simon Nielsen, Viktor Bunzer; seated (left to right): Luca Steiner, Lewin Keller, Andrea Mengucci

Eli Loveman finished the Swiss rounds in third place but had to leave. He dropped before the Top 8, meaning the player in ninth place, Luca Steiner, advanced to the playoffs instead.


Top 16 Decklists

Here you can find the Top 16 decks listed in the order of the players' Swiss standing.

Metagame Breakdown

Omnath, Locus of Creation rules supreme! Control-oriented four-color builds turned out the most popular among players. But that wasn't the biggest story from the metagame's side. More than that the breakdown told a tale of utmost diversity. The "Others" category made up more than 40%. It represents Yawgmoth, Merfolk, Spirits, Monastery Mentor, Domain Zoo, Blue Tron, Glimpse of Tomorrow, Infect, Affinity, Crashing Footfalls, Living End, Enchantress, and Vivien on the Hunt.



Thanks to the Spiel Film Musik for having us!


Thanks to the judges for running a smooth event!

Left to right: Benjamin Newe, Linus Eckhard, Lucas Rehfeldt

And finally, thanks to this duo for creating and organizing the MMM Showdown in the first place!

Left to right: Mateo Kiel Rosado & Markus Bassin

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SRADracer(28.06.2022 18:41)

Nice to see that merfolk can still top 8 these days :)

Maulwurf7(27.06.2022 18:20)

The enchantress combo deck is amazing!

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