Tornado di Polvere

Dust Tornado - 38 versions

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maton(08.05.2015 13:25)

Questa carta è un'ottima alternativa a "tifone spaziale mistico". La consiglio nel caso in cui si voglia aumentare il numero delle carte che distruggono carte magia e trappola da 3 a 6.

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Speed Duel: A Look at the Current Format

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One of the more lively Discord servers focused on the format, Tetra Speed Duel, recently hosted a tournament with an ultra rare Jinzo as the prize. Under the current social regulations the special events where you could pick one up in your store have been scarce, so naturally people were pretty hyped about this.

Up to Speed on Speed Duels

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Starter Decks: Twisted Knightmares and Match of the Millennium were released near the end of May and greatly shook up the competitive scene. Last format, which started in December with the release of Trials of the Kingdom, was mostly dominated by the Cocoon Warrior strategy.

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