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Articoli riguardanti la lore di Yu-Gi-Oh! (ebbene sì, parliamo anche di anime), artwork, cose divertenti che non c'entrano niente e tanto, TANTO altro. Questa categoria contiene praticamente tutto ciò che non riguarda strettamente il gioco, la finanza o gli spoiler, aspettatevi quindi un'ampia gamma di argomenti!

Tutti gli articoli della categoria Intrattenimento

Why No Volcanic Support in 1,000 Days?

Di Lepprince (2021-11-22)

If you spend any amount of time in the Yu-Gi-Oh! community, you may know about a guy called Payne96, an individual who likes Volcanics a little more than the average Joe. He's been counting the days since we got pyro support. As of today, it's been one thousand days. Why has Konami not supported pyro for so long?

17 Commenti

Yu-Gi-Oh! History: Final Countdown

Di RyanA (2021-11-10)

The premise of a Final Countdown deck is simple, somewhat elegant, and mostly infuriating to play against. "Patience is a virtue" is taken to another level with this strategy and today we'll take a look at the few moments when this deck made waves throughout the game's history.

5 Commenti

Top 10 Fairy Artworks of All Time

Di WhiteDragonEye (2021-10-27)

Different players and collectors focus on various aspects of the game. But what about people who just enjoy the cards' illustrations? Yu-Gi-Oh! offers some of the coolest artworks you can find today and yet this aspect is generally overlooked. One of the best examples is the fairy type with its powerful art!

12 Commenti

Five Archetypes Inspired by Film and Television

Di TheSorcerer (2021-10-20)

Yu-Gi-Oh! has released more than ten thousand cards from its beginnings until now. Since the original DM era, artworks have changed a lot, but some of them still stand out, particularly those that are based on pop culture references. This article explores those inspired by movies and TV shows.

13 Commenti

Yu-Gi-Oh! History: The Gadget Archetype, Part 2

Di RyanA (2021-10-19)

The last article went over the first six years of the Gadget life cycle. We talked about their initial play in the "Good Stuff plus Machines" deck. We talked about the Machina deck and how rank four xyz monsters improved them. But the Dragon Rulers were coming. How would they fare in that unfriendly landscape?

2 Commenti