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Questa categoria riguarda i soldoni. Le carte Yu-Gi-Oh! possono avere un certo valore ed esso cambia e oscilla in base a molteplici fattori. Gli articoli in questa categoria ti aiuteranno a navigare tra le acque ingannevoli e in rapido mutamento del mercato secondario di Yu-Gi-Oh!, facendoti uscire più informato di prima.

Tutti gli articoli della categoria Finanza

Card Grading: What Is It Good For?

Di Lepprince (2021-11-04)

For the most expensive cards, even the tiniest blemish can ruin a card's value. Fortunately, clever members of the TCG community saw a business opportunity hidden in this dilemma. This article deals with that business, its inner workings, and why it's worth seeking out for your most expensive and prized possessions.

10 Commenti

Card Prices: Icons, Scarcity, and Hype

Di TheLastPharaoh (2021-10-21)

The value of a card, or really much of anything, isn't determined by the cost of its manufacturing, but rather by its abstract "value" to its buyers. In the case of TCGs, it's primarily determined useability, scarcity, and how frequently/recently it has been reprinted.

2 Commenti

Staples Support Your Wallet

Di TayfunB (2021-03-31)

Highly valued staple cards are the best solution for players from a financial standpoint. It is a common misconception that the game would be cheaper overall if all staple cards were printed into oblivion. Let's look at examples from recent products to make the case in favor of expensive staples.

8 Commenti

Staples Versus Your Wallet

Di TheLastPharaoh (2021-03-17)

I have been playing a lot of remote locals recently and noticed a reoccurring pattern. Players try to build their decks well and are willing to pay to kit their deck out with key cards, but they skimp on the staples. I'm just as guilty of doing this as anyone, and today I want to look at why.

74 Commenti

Box Math: The Expected Value of Phantom Rage

Di TayfunB (2021-03-16)

Should you buy a sealed box or directly pick up your desired singles instead? A sheer ideological debate divides the Yu-Gi-Oh! player base. This article will give you a framework that allows you to calculate the expected value of your pulls and help you make more informed decisions in the future.

56 Commenti